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Given the canon, Stieg Larsson's Millenium, Lisbeth is an extremely talented computer hacker, with associates who respect her capabilities. This ability comes into play during games and Lisbeth can and will hack into your devices and listen in on conversations given that she has a naturally curious person. However to avoid the pretense of infomodding and godmodding, this permissions post serves as an opt-out post for private/encrypted conversations. This is a blanket statement stating that Lisbeth will not share any information, given that canon-wise, she simply gathers information to know what is occurring and when - for example, being aware of the current changes in a criminal investigation against her, seeking out previous criminal charges against her guardian, etc.

1. If the conversation is not labelled private, encrypted, unhackable, etc, I do consider it fair game for Lisbeth to read through without permission. If you'd rather she not listen in on these, please tell me anyway!!

2. If the conversation is labelled private, encrypted, unhackable, etc, I will always ask for player permission before doing anything with that information. This is in the form of contact via PM, IM, Private Plurk, etc. These threads will also not be read/"hacked" into unless you as a player have given me express permission to do so.

3. As far as using the information, Lisbeth will not be selling secrets or using the information to betray you to the dark side or whatever. In canon, she only hacks into computers for personal gain, or to report for her boss as a private investigator and does not give up the information to anyone else. Given that her boss is not in game, you can be assured that as of right now she will not be selling anyone information. It will however, be used for her own personal gain in finding out what everyone knows, how to get out, what sort of secrets are hidden from her.

Any conversation that comes up regarding IC information obtained from these threads will be discussed with the characters in question ICly. Say John is talking to Jack about cheese. Lisbeth will listen in on the conversation and discuss cheese with both Jack and John, but not Bob.

Please fill out the textarea and respond to this for me, thanks!!

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Name: Lisbeth Salander
Canon: Stieg Larsson's Millennium | The Girl who Played with Fire
Age: 24
Physical Appearance:


With red hair dyed black, a pale complexion, and gothic attire, Lisbeth Salander's exterior appearance is one that screams "Do not fuck with." For all intents and purposes, this reaction is as accurate as it gets when dealing with her. Her outwards personality can come off as introverted, resulting in difficulty communicating with Lisbeth and in turn, this itself can perpetuate the misconception that Lisbeth is antisocial, and prefers not to interact with others. What Lisbeth takes pride in however, is defying perceptions from strangers, taking their misconceptions about her and twisting them around. Where she comes off as asocial, one realizes that there are in fact, a handful of people she is willing to speak to, and is willing to form close interactions with. Where one believes she is incompetent, Lisbeth in fact, takes that believe and turns it up on its head, proving herself more than independent and capable of taking matters into her own hand. Where one believes she is anorexic, perhaps underweight, Lisbeth shrugs it off and argues she simply has a high metabolism.

By defying social expectations, Lisbeth carefully constructs her own personality, one that values her own independence and privacy above the rest. She runs on her own morality, which emerges from her childhood, witnessing her father constantly abuse her mother, and thrives on exacting revenge against anyone who has wronged her. As a result of this, Lisbeth had a troublesome childhood, bright, but introverted, with a tendency to react violently against anyone who bullied or picked on her. This mannerism continued well into her adulthood, because it is a mannerism that allowed her to get by on her own. For example, because of Lisbeth's tendencies to react this way, after her father, Zalachenko, violently abused her mother until she suffered permanent brain damage, Lisbeth went out of her way to set her father on fire.

The assumptions that people tend to see about Lisbeth are proven wrong from anyone who takes their time to get to know her. This is the first conclusion made from anyone who has spoken to her, including her prior guardian Holger Palmgren, her boss Dragan Armansky, and her on-off friend, Mikael Blomkvist. Introverted, but not incompetent; in fact, Lisbeth has gone out of her way to fully prove herself more than capable of being an independent young woman, able to hold her own. She keeps to herself because it's easier, because it offers her less trouble than trying to get close to people is inclined to, which results in Lisbeth's high sense of loyalty to the rare people that she's managed to let into her life.

As a worker at Milton Security, Lisbeth deliberately distances herself from everyone around her. She takes on the task offered by her boss, disappears for as long as needed, before returning completed work onto his desk, efficient and perfect. Her professional relationship is distant with him, and she does this as well with Mikael, unless she needs him for a specific reason. Even with her guardian, the closest Lisbeth can get to calling someone an actual, adopted father, Palmgren is still watching his steps to try and work with her. Their relationship, from the initial meeting, up until his recovery from his stroke, had Palmgren struggling to maintain some semblance of order, but as he quickly discovered, Lisbeth makes her own rules. By granting her the independence she wanted, Lisbeth in turn, gave up some her reservations, and attended to the man, offering up her own money to provide him with the best possible health care.

Her affection for Palmgren is not unfounded however; the man had trouble being able to work with her until he removed her from the psychiatric ward. By offering her a job working for Milton Security, and allowing Lisbeth control of her own finances, separating her from the kind of men who took advantage of her, Palmgren enabled Lisbeth to essentially find some satisfaction from her life, even if she remained an enigma on the outside.

Lisbeth's relationship to Mikael Blomkvist is one of the most predominant throughout the series, and we see they have a turbulent reaction towards each other. The pair circle around each other as Lisbeth investigates the man as part of a job for Milton Security, compiling a report on him after he was disgraced as a financial journalist. Mikael comes into her life forcefully after discovering that she was snooping around his laptop out of curiosity, and pretty much barges into her apartment, demanding that they work together. Though the two eventually start a sexual relationship with each other, Lisbeth eventually realizes that what constituted as affection for her was not reciprocated given that Mikael shared a relationship with his co-worker, Erika Berger. This resulted in Lisbeth ignoring Mikael entirely, angry by the fact that she felt used by the man, despite their eventual reconciliation (and at a later canon point, Mikael choosing to go out of his way to investigate Lisbeth's past and win her trial).

One of Lisbeth's greatest strengths is her determination to go out against all odds. Though it's not the canon point currently used, we see that instead of being visibly upset over an arrest warrant and subsequent trial, Lisbeth is capable of holding her own, unperturbed by the situation she intends on facing. She is also one of the top tier hackers, as part of Hacker Republic, and as such, her capabilities within this group have extended to a team of loyalists, willing to bring about her innocence by digging up information necessary and subsequently bringing one of her strongest enemies to an arrest. Lisbeth also displays a strong sense of self confidence, unperturbed and often emotionless about the situation ahead of her. Given that she has constantly fought her way to competency and independence, she takes this revelation seriously.

This is however, also one of her major weaknesses. Beneath her "carefully constructed self confidence", Lisbeth is still a child in some ways, afraid that people will make fun of her, refuse to take her seriously, and generally mock her for her existence. It is because of this reason that Lisbeth puts effort into her outwards appearance, coming off as cold and distant because it allows her to interact with people as minimally as possible without having to let anyone in and having them grow attached to her. She behaves like this even with Palmgren, deflecting his questions about whether or not her replacement guardian is fair (spoiler: he isn't), and likewise continues this sort of behavior with her on/off girlfriend, Mimmi. She deflects personal questions, answering them in a way that still reveals nothing about her.

Given Lisbeth's hacker tendencies, it's easy to note that she is above all, one particular trait - curious. She earned her private investigator job after pointing out to her boss that another employee had done a shoddy attempt at a background check, indicating flaws and mentioning that the man they were investigating had been into child pornography. Her boss picked up on this, essentially putting Lisbeth into her own subsection of Milton Security, and while she still refused to adhere to many of the rules within the company, such as deadlines, the moment her boss would give her a job, she'd finish it on her own time. The results however, were detailed as possible, including citations for sources, indicating that Lisbeth is more than intelligence despite her inability to complete school.

One of Lisbeth's biggest motivations is sexual abuse. After witnessing her father abuse her mother to the point where she suffered permanent brain damage, Lisbeth essentially joined a cause on her own, retaliating against "men who hate women" (the original Swedish title of the novel). Though she never publicized this, it is easy to note from her actions throughout the first novel and through her behavior with several men in the later ones, that she has a violent tendency against men who have proven themselves to degrade women. For example, after Bjurman holds her finances hostage, releasable only after he violently rapes her twice, Lisbeth exacts her revenge by raping him in return as well a subsequently tattooing "I am a sadistic pig, a pervert, and a rapist" onto his chest, where anyone who tried to see would immediately know what he was up to. Subsequently, after getting pulled into the Vanger investigation to assist Blomkvist, we see that Lisbeth sticks around particularly, noting that the deaths that tied in with Harriet Vanger's disappearance carried some resemblance of abuse along the lines, and when Martin Vanger was caught, she chased after him with a golf club, fully intending to kill him had he not crashed into a truck.

There are however, men that she does trust, and it is these figures that come very very rarely into her life. As previously stated, Holger Palmgren and Dragan Armansky, her prior guardian and her current boss respectively, are two figures to have earned her respect to some extent. Though she will still snoop around Armansky's possessions from time to time, the fact that he has been up front and honest about his attraction to her has earned at least a few respect points, despite never taking him up on that interest. There is also Blomkvist, who worked alongside of Lisbeth to solve the Vanger investigation, and Dr. Jonasson, her doctor responsible for treating her after the events of The Girl who Played with Fire, both of whom treat Lisbeth as is, rather than drawing assumptions about her.

Lisbeth has been labelled several derogatory terms throughout her life, antisocial, retarded, to name a few, but what characterizes her the most, is that she has never let it get to her. She rises above those assumptions, living her life as capably as possible, and while she sees no reason to prove herself to the men insulting her, Lisbeth also sees no reason to allow her to succumb to these insults. During psychiatric evaluations, we see that Lisbeth has a tendency to remain silent, born out of a childhood aversion to another abuser - Peter Teleborian. By refusing to speak, Lisbeth makes it impossible to be diagnosed, and while this may be difficult, it also is effective in that it prevents her from earning a label that renders her incompetent.

» ( eidetic memory ). lisbeth has the perfectly human ability to carry a photographic memory of items she's seen, ranging for a page of words, to a scene displayed ahead of her. she's not quite proud of it, because others will look down on it, but lisbeth uses it to her assets.

» ( computer hacker ). by no means is she superior to the rest, but lisbeth has been accepted into sweden's most prominent hacker's circles for her capabilities.

» ( information gatherer ). as a security consultant for milton security, lisbeth is capable of running private investigations, gathering what she can from listening in on conversations, speaking to sources, and digging through their information.

» ( testosterone in the face of sexual abuse ). lisbeth's rage for any man who goes out of their way to sexually abuse women is extremely prominent throughout the trilogy; she has willingly beaten up a man she barely knows, using nothing more than a golf club.

» ( all around badass ). despite her frame and build, lisbeth is a decent boxer and self confident woman who knows how to handle the scene ahead of her.


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